Welcome to the quick guide about WikiTruth

Welcome to the quick guide about WikiTruth. 

A simple online tool to show the Russian people the truth about what is happening in Ukraine. Simply by altering Russian Wikipedia pages about Ukrainian cities.

But we need the power of the many. So, join us.

1. Find the Ukrainian city page on the Russian Wikipedia page you’d like to change.

2. Go to “Destructions during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine” and “Destroyed in Ukraine in 2022”, and search for the city you want to alter on the Russian Wikipedia.

3. You’ll find authentic images about devastated cities, made by Ukrainian Witness. Select the images you want to use.

4. Upload these images to the page you want to change and click ‘publish’.

Well done. You added the truth to Russian Wikipedia pages about Ukraine. Keep fighting to spread the truth. Use Wikipedia as your weapon.